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Treasure Valley Roofing is dedicated to assisting in any project ranging from residential homes to commercial structures. We also extend our help to any and all new builds. We know finding the right fit for any size project can be time consuming and leave you wondering who is the best fit. Let us help with our combined 25 years of experience, tackling all your jobs no matter the scale. We specialize in wind and hail damage for roof replacements and can even navigate you through the headache of insurance claims. Although working with insurance can seem like too large of a hassle to homeowners, we take the burden off of you by using our trustworthy team to navigate the process for you step by step.

 This process can be the most beneficial to homeowners, but we give you the choice of filing a claim or paying out of pocket with no pressure on you. 

We pride ourselves on being an energy efficient company. In doing so we also promote solar growth, bringing the power of solar energy into your home to relieve you of the cost of electricity bills. In cooperation with our supply house company, we look forward to making energy efficient housing the new standard. 

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Client Testimonials

After seeing a gentleman walking through the neighborhood I asked what he was doing, he politely explained what he was looking for and it happened to be exactly what I had been discussing with my wife! We had a few shingles that blew off our roof in a wind storm recently and he offered us a free roof inspection. He discussed going the insurance route with us and initially insurance would only cover 1/2 our roof but whatever he argued with them, they ended up buying it 100%!!! I can’t thank Lee and Treasure Valley Roofing enough for the time they put into our claim and helping us along the way. Truly a God send!

Raymond Dortch

Had a previous company stop by and give me a roof inspection. Some green and black logo. They seemed super shady so I called Treasure Valley Roofing based on their reviews to come verify. Boy am I glad I did! I went on the roof with the inspector and he showed me wind damage but also noticed some “new” damage the previous roofer must have done (it was extremely noticeable and fresh). Needless to say I feel more educated on roofs and learned a great deal from this insurance process. They installed a beautiful roof and clean up was immaculate. 10/10 for Treasure Valley Roofing, I’ll be recommending my friends.

Gregory Miller

We had these guys come out and give our roof a once over to see if it needed to be replaced. Matt came out and looked over the roof and said he wouldn’t replace it and didn’t find anything wrong with it. This was after we had a company earlier in the day come out and basically tell us our roof was falling off. Not only did he take the time to look our roof over, he explained to us what to look for and why our roof was in good shape. Its seldom i can say I am 100% satisfied with a work that I have hired done. But in this case, I must put a seal of excellence, and give treasure valley roofing an A+ for the roofing installation!

Larry Moore

Over 2 Decades of Combined Experience

Treasure Valley Roofing began as a locally run woman owned business in the heart of Boise Idaho. Since then we have expanded our knowledge of roofing and love for satisfied customers to Florida and Georgia. Our goal will always be to lend a helping hand to our communities and educate all that we can.

Let’s Build Something Together

Rain, sleet, snow, or hail we’ll get it done without fail. Let us be your first and final choice for all your roof replacements and solar energy needs!

How to tell if I need a roof replacement?

Roof Replacements are recommended when flipped or torn off shingles are visible, heavy hail has occurred in recent years, you have a leak, or you notice granule loss resulting in fibers showing and appearing as a glistening roof.

What are the benefits of Solar Energy?

Solar energy is very beneficial to a home for multiple reasons. A few of these reasons include lowered energy costs, earned tax credits and rebates, and can help you do your part in preserving our environment.

Should I go through my Insurance or pay out of pocket for my roof?

Going through Insurance and paying out of pocket have their own separate benefits. Insurance claims can help homeowners save and not break the bank on a new roof. Meanwhile paying out of pocket can speed up the process if you are not concerned about costs.

How long do roof replacements typically take?

A full roof replacement without solar can take our team an average about 1-2 days to fully complete. Installing solar panels to the roof can increase this time by another day or two.

Does adding solar void my roofs warranty?

Normally adding solar to your roof would void the workmanship warranty but when using us for both, your warranty will stay in tact!